I Would like Help Now

The NCSCB provides immediate technical assistance and training to schools and communities that are responding to crises, with a focus on supporting their students, both short-term and throughout long-term recovery. Our toll-free number is answered 24 hours a day.

If your school is experiencing a crisis, please contact the Center now at
1-877-53-NCSCB (1-877-536-2722) or helpnow@schoolcrisiscenter.org.

The resources and guides below may also be of assistance.

“[The NCSCB] generously assisted us by spending three days with
our impacted faculties as well as the district leadership team
[after the 2016 Smoky Mountains wildfires]… and provided
meaningful help at a pivotal moment in our recovery!”

Debra Ann Cline, Ed.D.Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction, Sevier County (Tennessee) School System

“Patiently walked me through the process, supplied wonderful support
materials, and even helped draft initial letters to staff and parents
[after the sudden death of a school staff member in 2016]. Our community
would have suffered far more without [the NCSCB’s] support.”

Lee ThomsenHead of School, Sacramento (California) Country Day School

“The NCSCB was absolutely essential in assisting us in handling
the aftermath of the crisis [2012 movie theater shooting] so our
community could recover as quickly as possible.”

John BarryFormer Superintendent, Aurora (Colorado) Public Schools

“The NCSCB proved to be the most valuable of resources for the recovery
efforts in our schools [after a deadly school shooting in 2014]…
If I only had one piece of advice for schools experiencing such a crisis, it
would be to make giving a call to the NCSCB their first priority.”

Joshua WebbFormer Director of Counseling, Marysville (Washington) School District

Resources and Guides

  • Guide: Talking to Children about Tragedies

    Insight and suggestions for how to talk to children about tragic events such as shootings and terrorist attacks.

  • Guide: After a Loved One Dies

    Guidance for parents and other caring adults on how to support grieving children, available in English, Japanese and Spanish.

  • Guide: Responding to Death

    Designed to help school administrators, teachers, and crisis team members respond to the needs of students and staff after a loss.

  • Guide: Responding to Suicide

    Designed to help school administrators, teachers, and crisis team members respond to the needs of students and staff after a suicide has impacted the school environment.

  • Psychological First Aid: After Natural Disaster

    Practical advice for parents and other caregivers on the three steps of psychological first aid.

  • Psychological First Aid: Students & Teachers

    A five-step crisis response strategy designed to be used by educators and other school staff.

  • Notification Templates

    For use with our guides for responding to the death of a student or school staff member, and/or suicide.