Help Me Prepare

The NCSCB offers education materials, as well as comprehensive expert consultation and training for school professionals and communities preparing for or responding to crisis events. The Center also offers support for policies that encourage best practices in crisis and grief support in schools, and research in the fields of childhood bereavement and disaster preparedness.

To speak to one of our experts on how the NCSCB can help or support your school or organization, contact us at or call 1-877-53-NCSCB (1-877-536-2722).

The resources and guides below also may be of assistance.

Resources and Guides

  • Guide: Virtual Memorial

    These guidelines for school administrators and other teachers review considerations for appropriate standards and practices for hosting a virtual memorial online.

  • COVID-19 Pandemic Resources

    Wide range of COVID-19 Pandemic response resources including presentations, guidelines, and tools.

  • Participation of Children and Adolescents in Live Crisis Drills and Exercises

    Policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Includes considerations regarding live active shooter drills in schools.

  • Supporting the Grieving Child and Family: Clinical Report

    This clinical report offers practical suggestions on how to talk with grieving children to help them better understand what has happened and its implications.

  • Guide: School Mental Health Crisis

    School Mental Health Crisis Leadership Lessons: Voices of Experience from Leaders in the Pacific Southwest Region

  • Talking to Children and Teens About the Israel-Gaza War

    Children and Teens About the Israel-Gaza Wa

  • Valentine’s Day and Grieving Students

    A guide for educators on how they can help grieving students cope during Valentine’s Day.

  • Talking to Children and Teens About the War in Ukraine

    Talking to Children and Teens About the War in Ukraine

  • After a Student Has Died

    Guidelines for schools on communicating with family members after a student has died.

  • Guide: Halloween & Day of the Dead

    Considerations for grieving students on Halloween and the Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos)